We Facilitate the Best Possible Commercial Success for Your Invention!

Know-how, patent applications and patents can generate license fees for the Max Planck Institutes as well as for you. As an inventor, you are eligible for an inventor's bonus of up to 30% of the license fees. You may also benefit from additional feedback on your research, from contacts and collaborations with industry and possible further publications.

As soon as you inform us about your invention, we examine its patentability and economic potential and develop a suitable patent and licensing strategy. We also check the formal criteria required for the granting of a patent: novelty, inventive step and industrial (commercial) applicability and then evaluate its commercial potential in a comprehensive market study. If necessary, we advise you about additional steps to be taken, and, in collaboration with external patent attorneys, guide you through the filing process. Even inventions that do not qualify for patents may be valuable and may be licensed to an industry partner as qualified know-how.

We are in contact with many companies on a regular basis. We screen the market environment with regard to your invention, approach potential partners, negotiate fair terms, close the agreements and monitor adherence to the agreement up to the end of the contract period.

Very important: Prior to the filing date (the so-called priority date), every public disclosure regarding your invention can seriously affect the success of your patent application! This applies to publications in scientific journals as well as for public lectures, seminars, thesis papers, conference posters and abstracts, and every kind of online publications (e.g. sequence databases). Please contact us as early as possible, ideally about six weeks, ahead of a planned publication.

Please note that our services are only available to scientists from Max Planck Institutes.

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